Company Overview

Introducing SCM specialty company, Dreamize

Company Overview

Supply Chain Management builds up framework and seeks to achieve linkage and coordination between the process of business, from purchasing materials/components, operation efficiency, manufacturers, distributors, to customers.

As companies are globalized, a strategy for products should be established with full consideration of global marketing, sourcing, manufacturing and regional characterization and in addition to these, importance of high quality with low price and on time delivery has increased in the age of limitless competition. As focusing on the fact that 60~70% of value added of supply chain is generated from other than manufacture, it’s very critical to optimize all processes through efficient SCM in order to maximize profits.

Dreamize develops and provides SCP(Supply Chain Planning) solution, key SCM solution for company. We were awarded the SCM Grand prize by the Korean Association of SCM for being credited for making it possible to establish a plan tens of times faster than other global solutions. Also, we got recognized for excellence through various projects such as replacing global branded solutions with ours within ​subsidiaries of Samsung group. Our goal is becoming a specialty SCM company to enhance a companies’ ability of SCM with the best efforts including developing LP product, which has been 100% import-dependent for now.

Company Vision

The Dreamize logo means that three dreams are embodied in a pure white circle and the dream is shaped into three colors.

Each of the dreams in three colors means hope in green, courage in red, and vitality in orange. These are three items for dream that Dream Eyes wants to make, and they talk about Dreamize vision that they should always have 'hope', 'courage', and 'energy' to achieve that dream.

Dreamize Value

The core value of Dreamize is focused on global solutions, services, expertise, and research and development to increase the value of our customers.

Global Solution

Our solution raises customers’ competitive edge in the global market based on proven & innovative technology.


We satisfy customers’ requests with experience in business solution industry and solid business support for various enterprises.


We provide you with our know-how and experience from successful projects in various industries focused on global companies.

Research & Development

Our products maintain high quality by continuous development in technology and careful maintenance.