Introducing EnckeSNOP to derive optimal production and sales strategy.

Introduction of Solution, EnckeSNOP

In order for a company to generate high margins, a purchase-production-sales strategy must be established to create maximum value-added. To this end, companies gather in charge of purchasing/production/sales to conduct sales and operation (S&OP) meetings, where production and sales strategies are established. In general, production sales meetings are held in the process of comparing previously established production sales strategies with implementation results to derive improvements in the strategy and, based on that, a revised production sales strategy.

EnckeSNOP provides the ability to automatically generate various analysis reports to effectively analyze and judge previously established production and sales strategies.
It also automatically creates a variety of production sales scenarios to help you quickly determine the optimal production sales strategy.

Characteristics and Advantages

Provides rapid scenario simulation

Rapid scenario simulation capabilities enable immediate simulation of new scenarios during S&OP meetings.

Multi-platform device support, such as mobile UI

Multi-platform device support, such as smartphones and tablets, enables management to check key management indicators anytime, anywhere

Expectation effectiveness

Ability to respond quickly to emergencies
In the event of an emergency, such as an urgent change in market commercialization or a sudden change in production resources, the system-based status can be identified and the rapid response can be made through simulation.
Significant reduction in S&OP meeting preparation time
The system automatically generates and provides the various analysis reports that S&OP requires.
Human Error Pre-blocking
Various reports, such as KPI, are automatically generated through the system, enabling pre-blocking of human error that can occur during manual operation.