Dreamize Service

Introducing various consulting services of Dreamize

Support the best IT consulting services for your customers' needs for a successful business.

BI Consulting Service

Based on all enterprise-wide data scattered in ERP, CRM, SCM, etc., the company provides a set of IT system or process-building consulting services that efficiently support all tasks that require information analysis, such as business information analysis, forecasting, decision support, and planning.

Solution Service

Check out Dreamize' various solution consulting services, including process diagnostics and solution building, ISPs and associated data management guides, support for ERP/SCM/CRM-linked services, and support for user training and maintenance.

SI Service

It builds information systems in various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, steel, construction, finance, and services and integrates them with existing systems. In addition to its own solutions, it selects products from vendors and partners to provide optimized information systems to customers.