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Company Infomation

Dreamize is a company that develops and sells SCP (Supplier Network Planning) solutions, which are core solutions of SCM, and our products have won the SCM Grand Prize in recognition of being able to plan dozens of times faster than overseas solutions by the Korea SCM Association. In addition, the company has been recognized for its excellence through various projects such as replacing foreign-made solutions with Samsung Group affiliates, and aims to strengthen the SCM capabilities of the company, including the development of linear plan optimization (LP) products, for the first time in Korea.

Dreamize has successfully completed large-scale projects from Samsung Display in 2011 to Hyundai Motor Group recently. You can find the details of Dreamize client in the top menu of the homepage.

Our Office is Starvalley #906, 99, Digital-ro 9-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Or You can check the details map, location in the top menu of the homepage.

Dreamize SCM products are largely integrated into the EnckeSCM suite, and the composition of each product is as follows.

· Demand Plan : EnckeForcast
· Master Plan : EnckeMacro
· Factory Plan : Enckemicro
· Factory Schedule : EnckeNano
· Sales and Operation : EnckeSNOP

Dreamize EnckeMacro Suit is a next-generation SCP solution that goes beyond the limits of domestic and foreign SCP solutions with tens of times faster speed compared to competitors, fast simulation based on In-memory, and strong customization through Python scrip. In addition, detailed flow control by Load, plan, and release area using EnckeMacro API is possible, and user-specific Libray can be defined using custom function.

More information about our products can be found at the top menu solutions on the website. If you need more information, please contact customer support one-on-one or request an e-mail from the person below. Choi Kyu-sung, Managing Director of Sales: kschoi@dreamize.co.kr(82+10-4709-5578)

Dreamizes consulting services integrate/analyze all enterprise-wide data scattered in various information systems such as ERP, CRM, and SCM to provide solutions based on Dreamize rich experience in business intelligence consulting, various industries, technologies, and consulting to efficiently support all activities such as management information analysis, prediction, decision support, planning, etc., and to provide solutions, ERP/SCM/CRM.It is divided into System Integration(SI) services that integrate the entire process to .

More information about our services can be found at the top menu solutions on the website. If you need more information, please contact customer support one-on-one or request an e-mail from the person below. Choi Kyu-sung, Managing Director of Sales: kschoi@dreamize.co.kr (82+10-4709-5578)

Recruitment information

Dreamize is constantly being hired to secure human resources without an official recruitment schedule for the first half and the second half. If you are interested in joining our company and want to apply for a job, please submit your resume to webmaster@dreamize.co.kr and we will review it first and contact you individually.

Our official recruitment process is as follows.

1. Document screening ▶ 2. Interview screening ▶ 3. Consultation and Notification

The details of each step are as follows.

1. Document screening
After reviewing the document screening (history, cover letter), the results of the document screening are notified by e-mail or wire to adjust the interview schedule.

2. Interview screening
Preparatory data for each application department may be required for the interview, and the free-form singing ability evaluation may also be conducted if necessary. Subsequently, the results of the interview will be notified by email or by wire.
(Not the final notice, but the interview pass notification.)

3. Consultation and Notification
After discussing the final working conditions, we will notify you of the result via email or by wire.

The job openings of Dreamize through the Job Site will be announced through the person(http://www.saramin.co.kr) and the recruitment schedule will be carried out.
✱ For other inquiries and requests, please contact us 1:1 Inquiry on the website or by wire at our phone number(+82-2-6495-2201).