Introducing EnckeForecast, a demand forecasting solution.

Introduction of Solution, EnckeForecast

In order for a company to generate revenue, it can be gained by providing the right amount of products to the market at the right time. To do this, companies are doing what is called demand forecasting. However, traditional demand forecasting relies entirely on the subjective judgment of the salesperson, resulting in a difference in accuracy for each salesperson.

Dreamize EnckeForcast is a solution that automatically performs demand forecasting using various predictive algorithms from Big Data, including past sales history and current market environment, and collects demand forecasting information from each salesperson to generate refined production.

This allows companies to make better demand forecasts at less cost and time.

Characteristics and Advantages

Provides a variety of statistical-based demand forecasting models

Algorithm using Big Data provides 19 different statistical-based demand forecasting models to provide customers with more accurate and diverse demand forecasting by reflecting product characteristics.

Support for demand forecasting simulation

Simulate the results of different demand forecasting models for individual products, enabling faster decision making by comparing and analyzing demand forecasting models for each product.

High scalability and customization with Python

The world's most widely used Python script makes it very easy to expand functionality and enables robust customization.

Demand Prediction System Accessibility Enhancements

HTML5-based UI enables both Windows Edge and Google Chrome browsing and supports anywhere working environments.

Expectation effectiveness

Businesses can better meet demand with less cost and less time.

Improve accuracy of demand forecasting
Improves accuracy with predictions by product group by SKU.
Reducing the burden of forecasting demand
SKU-level automated demand forecasting and gathering of demand forecasting information for each salesperson reduces the burden of work.
Demand Forecast History Management
By storing historical demand forecast information, it can be utilized for various tasks if necessary.