Dreamize CI

Introducing Dreamize Company Identity


Logo of Dreamize symbolizes “Three dreams with different colors in invisible container”.

Green is used as a color to symbolize Hope. Red is used as a color to symbolize Courage. Orange is used as a color to symbolize Vitality(Energy) It implies the Hope, Courage and Vitality (Energy) are necessary to fulfill our dreams.

Basic type

Grid System

Symbols represent the image of Dream Eyes and are a key element of the CI system, so we inform you that it is not possible to change the shape or color at will. In order to prevent damage to images due to distortion, deformation, misuse, etc. of identity, the regulations and principles of symbolic application must be observed, and the use of all manuscripts shall be enlarged, reduced or copied by computer data in the CD manual.

Color System

The main color of Dreamize CI is as follows.

C:65 Y:50
M:100 Y:100
M:55 Y:100
C:90 M:65

Logo & Signature type

This is Dreamize logo type, signature, and slogan.

Vertical Signature[basic]
Horizon Signature