Introducing the core solution of Dream Eyes, Enckemacro.

Introduction of Solution, EnckeMacro

EnckeMacro is an optimal solution which enables companies to establish supply chain plan with high accuracy, quick crisis responds, high customer satisfaction and quick decision-making, which are required by global SCM.

Key Features

EnckeMacro provides basic functions and detailed options for each function to apply various constraints to the plan for establishing an optimal supply chain plan.

Order by order planning
Fixed plan
Forced plan
Dedication stocks
Net change planning
Reducing overproduction
Early production reporting
Short & late cause reporting
FIFO pegging
Alternate item
Assemble item
Binning item
Stock constraints
Adaptive aging
No stock
Stock swapping
Stock devouring
Early/late route mix policy
Item early production
Item early bounds
Item activantion period
Safety stock
Group safety stock
Alternate capacity
Simultaneous capacity
Capacity layer
Capacity constraints
Demand priority
Demand early/late bounds
Demand fair share
Demand prefer routing
Demand adaptive stocking
Lot size
Time off
Alternate route
Route activation period


EnckeMacro establishes an optimal plan through 3 steps : Load, Plan and Release.



Inputs demand data and standard information of :

  • Demand(Forecast, Sales order)
  • Master information(BOD, BOM, BOR)
  • Finished goods, Buffer, Materials,
  • Facilities
  • Fixed plan
  • Inventory(On hand, In-transit, Purchase)
  • Route(Yield, Lot size, Lead time, Time off)


Establishes an optimal plan by :

  • Self-developed and enhanced algorithm
  • Evolutionary simulation
  • Technique of processing big data quickly
  • UI which provides services and protocols to execute an engine
  • Implementation of engines which are independent from OS such ans Windows and Unix


Distribution of the plan result with :

  • PSI information
  • Supply plan for products
  • Transit/shipping plan by factory
  • Reason for supply shortage
  • Information of GR/GI of materials and facilities
  • Early production information
  • Estimation of raw material unused

Characteristics and Advantages

EnckeMacro is an innovative next generation SCP solution which overcomes the limit of existing domestic/global SCP solutions.

  • Adopts algorithm which makes it possible to establish a plan dozens of times faster than competitors.
  • Adopts an innovative technologies such as Multi Threading on processing data to shorten I/O
Quality of products
  • Establishes an optimal plan through differentiated function such as Logistics voyage at the beginning of the week, no stock buffer and Group safety stock
  • Establishes an evolutionary plan through interacive simulation
  • Provides powerful customizing functions through Python script which is most widely used in the world
  • Provides various engine API functions on the basis of object which can respond flexibly to the customers' requirements
  • Presents plan result rapidly on request by finding out memory fiqures directly in simulation server without access to database server
  • Supports decision making in supply chain in real time, such as resource requirements planning meeting and SNOP meeting

Expected Benefit

The optimal supply chain plan set by EnckeMacro provides differentiated competitiveness to companies.

Establishes an optimal plan
  • Enhances OTD(On Time Delivery) and sets up a plan to minimize inventory through differentiated functions of engine
  • Easy to manage P.D.C.A Closed loop through interacive simulation
Enhances a crisis response ability
  • Respond to urgent orders or changes in orders flexibly and quick decision-making through fas engine
  • Obtains a visibility of continuous supply chain by rapid planning
Enhances an execution of production
  • Obtains an execution of production site through extensive functions
  • Obtains a control in production site through enhanced analysis functions
Shortens the cycle of supply chain plan
  • Synchronizes supply chain by shortening the planning cycle from weekly/monthly basis to daily basis
  • Manages inventory efficiently and responds to market quickly by shortening the planing cycle

Characteristics and Advantages

EnckeMacro API provides a detailed control in flow of Load, Plan and Release in order to meet business requirements.

Also, users may redefine the specific functions of engine by using Custom Function.

Powerful Customizing

System integration by utilizing EnckeMacro provides the value of efficient operations and expenses cutbacks.

MRP Integration

Additional cost savings by improving visibility and reducing unnecessary inventory purchases so that raw materials and inventories can be seen at a glance

SCP Integraion

Provide fast and accurate visibility through interactive simulation when analysis and decision making is required for supply chain