Solution Consulting Service

Introducing Dreamize solution consulting services.

Introducing Solution Consulting

Solution consulting analyzes your business environment based on expertise and provides process diagnostics to suggest the best solutions and guides. Based on Dreamize extensive experience in various industries, technologies, and consulting, it helps you save time and money by providing optimal services for customers such as solution building, ERP/SCM/CRM linkage service, management guide presentation, and user training and maintenance support.

Service Keyword

Extend diverse consulting and solutions

Offers diversified expansion solutions beyond traditional, discrete solution support. Beyond simple decision support, including the integration of ERP and MRP, the addition of user-defined methods, and the establishment of an integrated management system optimized, Dreamize offers differentiated extended solution services.

Support for optimal professional consultants

Best-in-class professional consultants with experience in building enterprise solutions other than ERP, SCM, and CRM support consulting services with optimal efficiency. Beyond simple solution proposals, it provides integrated service support across Stem, including planning, design, implementation(development), technical support, and operation.

Experience in building large enterprise solutions in Korea

Based on the nation's top SCM/SCP technology, we have successfully completed the construction of references for large companies such as Samsung and Hyundai, and we propose the highest level of solution consulting based on our experience in implementing the market environment in various industries such as vehicles, clothing, daily necessities, and food.

Support for user training and maintenance

Even after the implementation is completed, Dreamize solution consulting service offers continuous operation support services through follow-up management systems such as user training, maintenance support, development of additional functions, and proposal of advanced services in the future, and we do our best to ensure the stable solution operation of the company.