[ News ] [CES 2022] Hyundai Motor will set up the world's largest "meta factory" in Singapore.


Support for Dreamize Global Top-tier SCM technology.

At the end of this year (2022), Hyundai Motor will build
an HMGICS with a site of 44,000㎡, a total floor area of 90,000㎡, and seven stories above the ground
at the Jurong Innovation Complex in Singapore.

Hyundai Motor plans to introduce the first phase of HMGICS Meta Factory at the end of this year (2022)
and complete its final construction by 2025, and continue to upgrade its technology thereafter.

HMGICS Meta Factory is an open innovation base and smart factory that studies
and demonstrates the overall value chain of automobiles such as vehicle orders, production, and delivery,
and plans to support the operation of HMGICS, a small production innovation technology base.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor plans to establish partnerships and strengthen cooperation
with companies in various areas with global top tier technology,
including Microsoft, to continue to develop innovative technologies
such as smart factories and meta factories.

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